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A Nod to Instructional Technologists

Posted Date: 01/14/2019

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A Nod to Instructional Technologists

Instructional Technologist by title, but so many other things by necessity such as…

COUNSELOR: An Instructional Technologist will work with educators of all technical abilities. They will encounter teachers and administrators filled with edtech enthusiasm, as well as those that will attempt to not make eye contact. An Instructional Technologist is not offended by those that avoid them. They are fully aware that it is simply the fear of technology that pushes them away. The IT’s mission is clear. They will counsel the hesitant educator to face their fear. “It is okay. You can push the button. Nothing is going to explode.” Most of the time anyway.

Special Skills Needed: Emotional Intelligence, Patience


TRANSLATOR: Often times an Instructional Technologist finds themselves caught between the pull of the instructional and technology departments...hence their title. It is not uncommon to hear both sides of a discussion turned debate when suddenly the Instructional Technologist outlines the fact that both sides are actually agreeing with each other and moving in a united direction. Their misunderstandings are simply a matter of utilizing different languages (tech and instruction) to express their views.  

Special Skills Needed: Active Listening, Clear Communication & Negotiation Abilities


UTILITY PLAYER: It never fails. An Instructional Technologist answers a request to visit with a teacher or department and they are excited about leveraging technology to advance the curriculum being taught. This is the stuff that ITs relish in their role and many times this is exactly what they get to do. However, in many cases, the Instructional Technologist shows up full of ideas and optimism and reality hits. “Can you hook up my projector?” the teacher asks.

Special Skills Needed: Humility, Optimism


WARRIOR: Keeping in mind all of the hats that those in the Instructional Technology role play, a great IT understands their purpose. They know that they will not win everyone over in one fatal swoop, but rather they focus on the long-term gain and the impact of edtech exposure and proper use on student success.

Special Skills Needed: Vision, Persistence


An argument can be made for many other unofficial titles for your Instructional Technologist. What amazing things would you add to this list?