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Big 9: WHY AN LMS?

Posted Date: 11/08/2018

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Simplified & Centralized
What did you learn at school today? Where is my assignment? When is this due? Who has turned in their work? Why is Mrs. Smith’s class averaging so much higher? How many copies do I need to make?

An LMS answers all of these questions and so many more in one centralized location allowing all users to focus on the learning rather than the indirect details that tend to steal our attention or that stand as obstacles between us and the content and information we are seeking.

Efficient Management team work
A full LMS allows access to overall control and functionality for all users. Administrators view user activity, progress, content, and disseminate information to keep a live and accurate pulse on their district. Educator resources, lesson plans, grading, and reports are all accessed, modified, and shared on a single platform. Students and parent logins take them to a centralized location to view all of their organized academic content, calendars, submissions, feedback, and communications.   

Save Money & Time
When taking into consideration the creation, delivery, intervention, grading, evaluation, management, communication and tracking of learning resources, content, and results, the use of the right LMS saves an immense amount of time for students, parents, teachers, and administrators while also eliminating the cost of multiple adoptions that each specialize in a single aspect of what a strong and efficient LMS accomplishes.

Flexible Learning/Teaching
Teachers utilize an LMS to strengthen their face-to-face instruction, flip their assignments, experience blended learning, and go fully online. The 24/7 access allows students to receive and review instruction in all of these learning scenarios as well. Making sure you select an LMS that will work on all devices is also essential in making learning available to students to learn at their own time, place, pace, and to choose their own path.

Multimedia Learning
A learning management system allows the use and organization of practical videos, images, links, interactive infographics, and audio files to deliver and/or review content.

Improved Communication communication
Access to learning content for all easily alleviates many miscommunications for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. In addition to the transparency of a high-quality LMS, the internal communication tools make it quick and efficient to send and receive messages, alerts, and announcements from the same platform.

Instant & Accurate Content
Live up-to-date access to class content, due dates, grades, and events are available for immediate user access upon their release.

Detailed reports for learner usage, eligibility, and student and teacher progress are generated in moments.

Technology: Clear Educational Purpose
Our youth is often labeled as “digital natives”. This is true when it comes to searching for video game tutorials, posting on social media, or making a YouTube playlist; however, there is a different standard that is applied when conducting research and selecting viable resources fromdevices the internet. In addition, many of our teachers are not “digital natives” and the thought of leveraging technology for education can feel overwhelming. An LMS allows educators to provide accurate academic content for students to use as a standard when utilizing technology. An LMS instantly gives devices a clear academic purpose.


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