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Teacher teaching studentsPricing for WISDOM is just as simple as using our LMS.  We understand that in today's world, 15 – 20% of students move to a new school every year.  


Our Solution: Non-Consumable License.

In a typical school year, 1,000 students enrolled on the first day of school.  Throughout the year, 200 students move away and 200 new students arrive.  

School A purchased a traditional LMS consumable license and had to purchase 1,200 licenses to serve all students.  

School B purchased WISDOM and only purchased 1,000 licenses to serve all students.  We only charge for enrolled students because you are only paid for enrolled students.  WISDOM is the smartest learning system!


Pricing is based upon total license count. Get started for as little as $1,000 for up to 100 licenses, plus training & implementation. Quantity discounts apply!

If you would like more information regarding WISDOM or to receive a custom quote, please click the Learn More button below.